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Cheap Means Cheap

In today's world we are all looking for a good deal. All too often however we mistake the difference between cost effective and cheap. By placing our focus more on price rather than value we risk going backwards in our financial and life decision rather than forward. Buying the cheapest gas will likely have little to no effect on our vehicles performance. However shopping for life and health insurance on price alone can be a huge mistake that can have long-term negative consequences both financially and emotionally. Is it really worth the risk to go at it alone?...

Understanding Coverage

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum. All sound like medals we could win in some type of competition. In this case however it has nothing to do with winning but instead on the quality of insurance we choose and the premiums we pay to get the level of healthcare we really need. Understanding the different types of coverage available, in the insurance market, along with the benefits and expectation of each choice we have can be a daunting task for even the most intelligent to understand. This is why you need an expert to work on your behalf....

It's Your Business

How does Obamacare effect your business? Is it worth providing health insurance to your employees or is the prospect of such simply beyond your ability to cope with? Do you know the regulations and expectations the government now has of your business in regards to insurance coverage? Do you know the penalties if you are not compliant on policies written into those thousands of pages of healthcare law? Your "business" is your business and our business is insurance. You know better than anyone what you do. So why not depend on the experts at CS&A to do what they do?

Why do you need an agent acting on your behalf?

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